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Monday, 16 April 2012

N is for: Number Nine


You know, I had a whole "N" blog already planned 2 days ago, half in my head, half on my iPhone Notepad and then WHAM!  While I was running yesterday, a whole new idea came upon me and I had to start from scratch.  Good news?  I've got a "N" blog ready to go for 2013 A to Z Challenge!  :-)   Bad news?  Well this is my lunch hour so I will forego eating for this - that's how much i love ya!

There have been so many wonderful "9" events in my life, starting with being born on one of them!  See how precious I looked when the stork brought me?  Please note that I was already wearing red !

·      Another memorable "9" moment happened when I was in the waiting line  for the next ferry on a long weekend and the gang I was with was leery  we'd make it on....  I looked and saw that we were in Row 9 and I relaxed, I knew we were  shoo-ins. ~ and yes, we were the second to last vehicle to drive on!   

·       I've never had use for Love potion number 9 but i hear it's potent!  Beware!   

·       Cats are also said to have 9 lives, i don't believe it's true myself but you are allowed to believe whatever you want! 
·       I've never had great luck with my 9 iron (or is it supposed to be talent?),  but i'm much more accurate with  my irons than my  woods on the fairway.  (No, Peanut Gallery, not Tiger Woods, my golf club woods! )
·       My dogs are part of the K9  family and when i'm dressed to the Nines, the dogs don't bark, it's the wolves who whistle!
·       On the  NINTH day of Christmas, his true love gave to him:
Nine Ladies Dancing...    What I figure you did not know is that when that  was written, it was meant to represent the Nine Fruits of the Spirit, which are :  Love, Joy,   Peace,   Patience,  Kindness,  Goodness,  Faithfulness,  Gentleness  and  Self-control :-)  Surprise!

Neat fact: 
Did you know that when multiplied, 9 always reproduces itself?
2 x 9 = 18    1+8 = 9    
3 x 9 = 27    2+7 = 9   
4 x 9 =36      3+6 = 9   
5 x 9 = 45     4+5 = 9
6 x 9 = 54    5+4 = 9   
7 x 9 = 63     6 +3 = 9  
8 x 9 =72      7 +2 = 9    and so on forever…
Howzdat for a  good trick!?! 

And now, here’s the reason I changed my blog:  I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did:
My favorite number 9 "thing" in a long time happened yesterday! Yes, Sunday,  on my un-blog day! (Some people have un-birthdays, I have un-blog days)  I signed up to run 10km in the Sun Run a while back, however, decided to bypass the training part. " Moi? , I don't need training", I said, "Been there, done that".  Well, I was wrong.  I do walk quite a bit ~ or get dragged by the dogs is more like it ~ however, I had not pounded the pavement in a long time.  After what seemed like days on the road since I had left the start line, I came at a time that I seriously thought I was done in and  would not be able to finish!  And just as I was feeling seriously spent, i sent a prayer to my Big Boss in heaven and asked for help.  And guess what He sent me?   A big sign that said I had just hit the 9 KM mark!       

 I was so startled and amazed that I started giggling and sang thank you's to the Provider of all, who had just sent me an enormous shot of adrenaline which carried me to the finish line.  You think that got me some weird looks ? Nope, not a chance.  Once you’ve been running with the likes of a 65 year old Senior Citizen dressed like Wonder Woman, Barney the Dinosaur and 2 teenagers dressed like pigs, no one worries about a woman talking to herself (or so they thought!).  

I made it!  Woohoo!   I now feel like i'm on Cloud 9, despite all my aching body parts!   I even have sore muscles where i had no idea i had muscles!!  Go figure!  

I’m signing off now,  but not before I thank Number 9’s  runner-ups:  ~Sorry guys, close but no cigars! ~

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  1. wow that 9 multiply/ addition trick is pretty cool!

    mambo #5 would have made a good runner up too :P

  2. Good one once again! It was worth the wait! ;)

    You will have to explain the wolves who whistle to me, don't know that expression and what it means!

    And BTW 9 is also my favorite number!

    love you!

  3. Aren't you just glad that you were not born on the 31th?
    Would that have been a relief to see a "31 km" sign in answer to your prayer? ;)

    Good post again!

  4. This post is beyond clever. Absolutely loved it and am so glad I visited.

    If you've the time, stop by my blog. I'm the author of the Bella and Britt series for kids.

    Thanks again for this lovely--and fun--post.

  5. Following from A to Z.
    Really enjoyed this post and went back a few. :0)

  6. yeah i love the math trick---really get into stuff like that--9 is my top lucky number--great post

  7. the importance a small joys in everyday life, that's what your post inspired me :)