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Saturday, 6 July 2013


Lately, i have had the opportunity to volunteer at a couple of events where i GIVE out stuff.  Slices of cake at one, pens and pins at another one.  

What i find very sad is that there are so many people out there who are needy.  If it's free, they want it, they need it, can they have 2? Their eyes are glowing, their fingers are in a grabbing mode.  They feel entitled, worthy and deserving of anything they can get!  GIMME, GIMME!

I remember feeling like that, years ago, before I had Christ in my life.  I was so cranky all the time, never happy with what i had or was, trying to fill the gap with things.  I was so wrong!

Now that i have realized  that Christ was the missing puzzle piece, it is so wonderful to know that the free piece of cake, or pen, or T-Shirt  are nice, but definitely not necessary to my survival.  

Somehow, i am not so starving  for give-aways because  i have ALL i need from God Himself!  And, since He has promised to take care of me, i know that manna will come down from heaven from Him if i become THAT hungry. 

I deserve nothing and am so thankful for God's Grace.    i keep rejecting Him, then i apologize, and He always takes me back!   Now, that's not religion, that is unconditional love!  

THAT's what i want!  THAT's what i need!

a million thank yous!

Just sayin' ...  

Better Be a Little "S" than a Little  Less :)

Friday, 29 March 2013

… Thar she blows? NO! Down she goes!

Well it was Thursday 5PM, beautiful sunny afternoon; I'd just come home from work and decided to leash up Nicky and Bella to take them for a nice stroll around the park and celebrate the start of a promising  long weekend.   
One of the problems with this nice weather is that we are approximately 600,000 people who had the same idea! 

 I guess everyone is starved for sunshine, not just me!  Well, I am tickled red to say that I've been working hard on training my dogs so that they understand that me, myself, Sylvie is THE alpha of this gang.  However, Bella is still very skittish when there are lots of people. So, I'm strolling along and just smiling back at everyone who is smirking at me because – without a lie, we make a beautiful picture the 3 of us  . 

So, as Nick and i turn RIGHT at the corner, Bella decides that she does not like the sound of this group stopped on the side of the path and she swerves LEFT!  Well, unfortunately,  she's only 2 steps in front of me,  and because she gives me no warning whatsoever and i have no time to prepare for this abrupt change in direction, there i go, ass over tea kettle, flat on the ground in front of 599,999 people!  Embarrassed? Yes.  Furious?  Oh yes.  Then Bella comes and licks my face to say: "I'm sorry Mom."  Awwww.

So i get back up, reassuring the crowd around me that I’m OK, wipe my shirt and pants, and manage to limp home without further incidents. At home, I check out  the road rash on my right elbow, hip and knee and cover the whole thing with Polysporin and band-aids .   Thankfully  I never let go of the leash when i lost control so i haven’t lost the dogs, just a good chunk of skin and pride. 

The moral of this story?  Two options, as I see them:
1.     If you're walking crazy dogs, only go to the park at 5 A M or when it's pouring ;  you are less likely to draw a crowd if no one else is there!
2.     If you want to be bedazzled by "old dogs, new tricks" go to the park on sunny days.  What's one woman's worse moment might just be the most entertaining thing you've seen all week!

As for me: the last time i had so much fun, i was 15 and tried to stand on a skateboard!!   But that’s a story for another time.   So long….

Better Be a “Little S” than a Little Less