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Sunday, 25 March 2012

about Four-Letter Words

How many -letter words do you use on a daily basis?  Love? Snow? Rain? Lamp? Star?  Moon?  or ?

I'd love to hear your suggestions and i promise to print them as long as they are .  

Why so prudish, you ask from up there in the Peanut Gallery?  Because, i am so tired of hearing people swearing,  and of  the constant vulgar utterances  that constantly pop up in these days of multi media frenzy. Fortunately, it can still make me blush because I am amazed that one’s mouth could spill something so vile and in the next moment, kiss their kid or significant other with those same lips.   Vomit on me, why don’t you!  Yuk and double Yuk!  I hope the day never comes that it becomes so natural to me that it will not embarrass me.

My theory is:  There are enough words in our language to convey any kind of feeling.  Does one really have to resort to crude comments to catch others' attention or assert their self-importance? 

It sure seems like one does!   TV shows are getting more and more permissible with their lines.  Every little mishap and slip of the tongue is now cleverly and/or comically dealt with as an affirmation of the right of expression,  a freedom right violation if someone objects or a wardrobe malfunction if body parts inadvertently emerge at an inopportune time.  
It seems to me we are de-generating by the hour  ; Evolution of Man Wall Clock
maybe we'll turn back to Darwinians apes quickly and effortlessly if we ignore it long enough!  Hey, monkeys are not expected to have to think after all, it might just be a blessing of some kind.

I want to celebrate words!  Terms describing how I feel:  Pleased, gratified, overjoyed, enthralled, enraptured!  Blown away, appreciative, energized and “on top of the world” are only some of the words i can use to express my positive feelings!   What about when a lousy mood falls upon me and  I want to vent?  Frustrated, hoodwinked, flabbergasted, tormented, irritated, furious, sickened, revolted, fuming, exasperated, muffled, opinionated and even flummoxed!  At times, I have also felt offended, neglected, belligerent, bothered, perturbed and disturbed. What about you?  What words disturb your sense of propriety or make you want to yodel with glee?

Now maybe you can't afford these words; maybe you're on a strict letter budget!  So let's find some good four letter words that reflect your intelligence:  Nice, able, epic, real, true, good, and cute! Glad, edgy, smug, wild, open, real, best and last also fit the bill; keep going if you insist on sticking to 4:  keen, most, poor, past, slow, cold, warm and rich count as well; who said four'ers had to be vulgar?  ;-)    Great F-word to remember? Fine! !    On a roll?  Free!  Fast!  Fish!  Fame!   

Merci to all of you making an effort to carefully choose your words.  There are enough of them out there to describe every situation; we just need to take that extra step once in a while, to show that our vocabulary is not limited to a few fashionable utterances; it can be such a pleasure to express the most mundane circumstances with a suitable and meaningful statement!!

Salut to my fellow wordsmiths out there~ and for those of you who are a little gun-shy, I urge you to venture beyond those comforting four letters and really express yourself!

Onward and word!

 Better be a Little "S" than a Little Less! 

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy St-Patrick's Day

Top of the mornin' to ya!    Glittering Leprechaun Hat

Yes, it's St. Patty’s Day! Yeehaw for the Irish and all things green.  I'm dancing a little jig myself.... not that different from my morning exercise

Irish Leprechaun Dance Turn
My new name for the day is O'Syl and my partners in crime have been renamed  O'Nicky, O'Bella and O'Missy.  Whether they like it or not is of no consequence; i am the o'alpha of this gang.  Trying to, anyhow! 

Since i have decided to live my life on purpose, i tend to participate more in the everyday things.   I want to treasure every hour I am alive and if some days i need an excuse to rejoice, i make one up!  Sounds like a Sylvie thing?  Fill your boots! 
St. Patty's March 17
Yes, it'sSaturday and yes, it's green out there today.  You'd say that's a given but you would be wrong!  A few times this past week we've woken up to white stuff, and it is forecasted again for the week to come.  Oh well; what can i do?   Pray?  OK, I can do that!  :)   Here's a very appropriate Irish prayer i found while surfing this morning...  

May the blessing of God's soft rain be on you,
Falling gently on your head, refreshing your soul
With the sweetness of little flowers newly blooming.
May the strength of the winds of Heaven bless you,
Carrying the rain to wash your spirit clean
Sparkling after in the sunlight.
May the blessing of God's earth be on you,
And as you walk the roads,
May you always have a kind word
for those you meet.

Bravo, Anonymous;  incredibly well said and timely. 
Copied without permission from following site:

What does one do to celebrate this day?  Here is a list of 10 things to do
to make it special:'s-Day

List includes things like:  Learning about the history of this holiday,
Going green... and that's not just what we wear;  accessorizing for you fashionistas in the Peanut Gallery.  Of course, wouldn't be right without listening to Irish music:
 eating the traditional Irish food :        
and checking out the local Pub (mayhaps have a green beer?).  It also states that you can have you own Irish party at home and reminds you to be respectful of everyone's beliefs...  Something for everyone!  It's fascinating!! 

Off to find myself a parade to attend,  and signing off with this beautiful Irish saying, which I found on the web this morning:
May the sun always shine on your windowpane,
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain,
May the hand of a friend always be near you,
May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you!

Better be a Little "S" than a Little Less!   I'm Not Irish But I'm Cute

Friday, 16 March 2012

Bad, Bad, Little S


Life is so busy... Things are falling by the wayside; and yes, i am guilty of dropping the ball on Little S's adventures.   Sorry!  She is having a great time at her new job, however, not finding much spare time. in her new life.  Let me tell you about it~ what her weekday looks like .

Despite working 2 minutes away, i have so many things to accomplish before 8:30 that i barely have time to finish my mug of tea before i head off.  Really!


Here goes:
5:30  Alarm goes off; out of bed and downstairs to say good morning to the puppies and send them out for their business.  Then i change into exercise clothes and Zumba for 20 minutes.
6:00 shower and put curlers in my hair.
6:30 ish;  get the pups back in the house and bring my tea with me upstairs where i will finalize my decision on what to wear. The next half hour is devoted to my lumino-therapy, while i have a perfect opportunity to do my morning bible reading and journaling AND also catch up with Sis until 7:30. All this while my hair is drying :)  now that's great multi-tasking!
7:30: Makeup, finalize lunch and pack it up in a small suitcase; my sister teaches me well; there's something of every food group in there!  This girl will not starve today, no Sir!
8:00:  Get dressed, feed the pups.
8:15:  Brush my teeth, put lipstick on (yes, in that order~ believe me, I’ve tried the other way and it does not work) , give the dogs their peanut butter or Cheez Whiz ™ Kong (alternate days) and send them to their backyard pen for the day!  They are my security guards, and they are good at it!
8:25: Out the door!  1♪♪♪♫ Hi-ho-hi-ho-it-s-off-to-work-I-go♫ ♪♪♫
8:30: At work, getting ready for an 8:45 start
8:45 to 4:45: Hard at it! “No rest for the wicked and the righteous don’t need none! “
5:00:  I'm baaaaaaack! Time to walk the dogs; please make the rain stop!!
6:00:  Back home and totally bushed! Feed the monsters, feed the mom and vive le couch! Bring on the "linge mou" and let's do some "couverte" :)  ask me if you want a translation!   Yeah!  i have 45 minutes to read.
7:00 to 8:00:   Catching  up with a friend or 2 on Skype/Facebook.  Checking emails, paying bills.  Doing housework on Mondays and Wednesdays. Thursdays are for mowing the lawn which has not started growing yet, thank you God! Totally a miracle with all this rain.  Tuesday nights are for bible study and Friday nights are sacred for having nothing planned... Or like today ... Little S'ing!
If i'm still awake by 8, you've caught me on a good day!  I started enjoying caffeinated drinks in the afternoon again lately, in the hopes that it would help keep me up.  And then, the time changed and I lost an hour.  Wah!  Life is not fair.
I really try to stay up until 9, if only for the dogs to go out one last time before an uninterrupted night sleep for them and me; it's working so far, no 2am pee breaks requested!! Good dogs :)

See my dilemna?

Now i see it too! 
1.  Gotta get myself some help with the housework to make some time for my blog!  Imperative!
 2:  Gotta stop going to the library to borrow all these great books to read ~on a deadline~  i don't have time for deadlines! (says I of the half inch of dust on the coffee table!)  Read or dust?? reading wins everytime, hands down!  And while the plot thickens, so does the dust... :-\

Salut to all my overworked siblings in the "blog" world- i know what you're going through!  Priorities...priorities... and priorities!

I do promise more discipline on my part.  I can only imagine what the house and the dogs and cat will have to put up with during April's A to Z Challenge; that will be another story all unto itself.  After a month of practice,  i will hopefully get into a routine of every day blogging time.  I miss it so when i'm away.

Signing off with my Swiffer ™ Duster in the left hand… even though it’s Friday.

Better be a Little "S" than a Little Less!  J