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Friday, 16 March 2012

Bad, Bad, Little S


Life is so busy... Things are falling by the wayside; and yes, i am guilty of dropping the ball on Little S's adventures.   Sorry!  She is having a great time at her new job, however, not finding much spare time. in her new life.  Let me tell you about it~ what her weekday looks like .

Despite working 2 minutes away, i have so many things to accomplish before 8:30 that i barely have time to finish my mug of tea before i head off.  Really!


Here goes:
5:30  Alarm goes off; out of bed and downstairs to say good morning to the puppies and send them out for their business.  Then i change into exercise clothes and Zumba for 20 minutes.
6:00 shower and put curlers in my hair.
6:30 ish;  get the pups back in the house and bring my tea with me upstairs where i will finalize my decision on what to wear. The next half hour is devoted to my lumino-therapy, while i have a perfect opportunity to do my morning bible reading and journaling AND also catch up with Sis until 7:30. All this while my hair is drying :)  now that's great multi-tasking!
7:30: Makeup, finalize lunch and pack it up in a small suitcase; my sister teaches me well; there's something of every food group in there!  This girl will not starve today, no Sir!
8:00:  Get dressed, feed the pups.
8:15:  Brush my teeth, put lipstick on (yes, in that order~ believe me, I’ve tried the other way and it does not work) , give the dogs their peanut butter or Cheez Whiz ™ Kong (alternate days) and send them to their backyard pen for the day!  They are my security guards, and they are good at it!
8:25: Out the door!  1♪♪♪♫ Hi-ho-hi-ho-it-s-off-to-work-I-go♫ ♪♪♫
8:30: At work, getting ready for an 8:45 start
8:45 to 4:45: Hard at it! “No rest for the wicked and the righteous don’t need none! “
5:00:  I'm baaaaaaack! Time to walk the dogs; please make the rain stop!!
6:00:  Back home and totally bushed! Feed the monsters, feed the mom and vive le couch! Bring on the "linge mou" and let's do some "couverte" :)  ask me if you want a translation!   Yeah!  i have 45 minutes to read.
7:00 to 8:00:   Catching  up with a friend or 2 on Skype/Facebook.  Checking emails, paying bills.  Doing housework on Mondays and Wednesdays. Thursdays are for mowing the lawn which has not started growing yet, thank you God! Totally a miracle with all this rain.  Tuesday nights are for bible study and Friday nights are sacred for having nothing planned... Or like today ... Little S'ing!
If i'm still awake by 8, you've caught me on a good day!  I started enjoying caffeinated drinks in the afternoon again lately, in the hopes that it would help keep me up.  And then, the time changed and I lost an hour.  Wah!  Life is not fair.
I really try to stay up until 9, if only for the dogs to go out one last time before an uninterrupted night sleep for them and me; it's working so far, no 2am pee breaks requested!! Good dogs :)

See my dilemna?

Now i see it too! 
1.  Gotta get myself some help with the housework to make some time for my blog!  Imperative!
 2:  Gotta stop going to the library to borrow all these great books to read ~on a deadline~  i don't have time for deadlines! (says I of the half inch of dust on the coffee table!)  Read or dust?? reading wins everytime, hands down!  And while the plot thickens, so does the dust... :-\

Salut to all my overworked siblings in the "blog" world- i know what you're going through!  Priorities...priorities... and priorities!

I do promise more discipline on my part.  I can only imagine what the house and the dogs and cat will have to put up with during April's A to Z Challenge; that will be another story all unto itself.  After a month of practice,  i will hopefully get into a routine of every day blogging time.  I miss it so when i'm away.

Signing off with my Swiffer ™ Duster in the left hand… even though it’s Friday.

Better be a Little "S" than a Little Less!  J


  1. this is a great way to wind down! says overworked sibling... maybe not YOUR sibling...don't think Bro blogs though. Too busy tweeting :P

    Way to go Mama! What a full life eh!


    1. Thank you, overworked offspring. I appreciate your taking time out from your crazy schedule for reading Little S. Love ya! xxxxx

  2. Wow, occupée mur à mur comme on dit!

    LOL at : And while the plot thickens, so does the dust... :-\

    Good one!

    Nice to read you again! Thank you for taking the time!!!

    1. Cure for everything that ails me: le linge mou et faire de la couverte! Best suggestion and expression EVER. Merci. Love you Sis.

  3. Yes! Good to have news from you in your own blog!
    When your rain finally stops, maybe you could open all your windows and read "Gone with the wind"; your accumulated dust may hear the call of the wild and get out of your life for a while! ;)

  4. Love it!!! You're the best brother ever!!! I need those kinds of book suggestions that serve a dual purpose. I might have to write a few books myself so i can choose titles that are meaningful to me, you know what i mean? Example: "While I was sleeping, the vacuum cleaner came to life." or " Teach your pets the rudiments of yardwork in your spare time."

    1. Not even speaking of the inherent multi-tasking nature of the aforementioned activities!!! ;)

    2. you are right.... and, as i would say to our wonderful sister, hence the appropriateness of saying it to you, our dear sibling, overworked or not, "Tu as raisin!" :)