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Monday, 19 December 2011

About Therapy...

This morning I started my "blue" light therapy which is supposed to get me through the winter blues. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is the name the specialists have chosen for a life-event that  occurs at the same time each year, to otherwise mentally healthy individual (please, no comments from the peanut gallery) , and causes depressive symptoms. In my case it is because of the decrease in periods of sunshine I experience daily.  I miss it so much, my neurotransmitters go on strike!  So i'm hoping that a daily 30 minutes session of basking in blue light (blue summer sky) will re-energize me enough to keep away the grumps in these grey months.  We shall see.

I was also reading about "red" light therapy, which is supposed to stimulate collagen and elastin production thus reducing and even reversing the effects of aging on our skin.  WOW!  The Fountain of Youth finally at our fingertips! I really want some of that too but it's probably too late to write to Big "S" about it now. 

Now what I need to find is some sort of "green" light therapy I can put into action on my lawn.  I'm thinking it could use some type of treatment where the green color would stay all summer long, without the need to water it or even more IMPORTANT, without growing so I won't have to cut it!!! 

Now,  it’s not that I am lazy or anything BUT, I am trying to maximize my days by doing only important actions that can only be done through my unique genius mind!  Imagine if I did every little chore that comes to mind, I would never have enough time for the crucial and essential things which must be done such as picking up dog hair and blogging.

I'm so excited about my idea... Sorry, must run now. Gotta go retrieve my old green Christmas lightbulbs I just put in recycling. Can't blame me for trying- that would be the greatest invention since... well ... moldy sliced bread!

That's it for now! Salut!

Better  be a Little "S" than a Little Less J

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

about Movember

Now, you might think I’m a month late with this subject but I  respectfully request that you consider that I am 11 months early instead!  J

One of my best friends in the world came up with a great idea:   Since guys get to forego shaving for the entire month of November , why wouldn’t us  gals do the same to show our support!  She suggests us ladies not shave our legs for a month – but of course, I am no specialist so I consulted with my panel of experts:

A:  My boss:  “as long as we can’t see the stubble sticking out through your stockings , you Go Girl!
B:  My Significant Other:   I don’t have one so it’s a moot point (for me)  J
C: My Mom: “Yes, good idea! Maybe you’ll have time to get started on your Christmas cards in time so we receive  them before Valentines’ Day” .  MOOOOOM!!!  ;
D: My dogs:   “The hairier the better!”
E:  My neighbors:  Just kidding, I did not ask them J
F :  My Day-Timer:  November has come and gone so it’s easy to commit when I don’t have to act on it for another 11 months 

And the final answer is:   Looks unanimous to me or at least, I’ve got a quorum!

Now I’ve decided I can be a “Mo Sista”, by using my leg-shaving time in a fulfilling manner such as:  

1.    writing my Blog;
2.    vacuuming my floors;
3.    get back to my exercise Wii Zumba;
4.    taking my dogs for an extra long walk.

How does this help promote Men’s health you ask?   Well, every time someone will comment on my furry legs, I will take a minute to prompt a conversation around the often ignored (on purpose)  issue of men’s health, and hope that no one will want to duke it out or change sides of the street when they see me coming!

Of course, just like  Woman’s health is so very critical, why should Men’s health not be?  We need our men healthy all over; we know how to help with their headaches, colds, flu, aching muscles… why should we not be able to recommend how they can help themselves with other potential health problems which seem “embarrassing” to them?  And women, please don’t quit after November 30th!   We need our sons, fathers, brothers, boyfriends, husbands healthy ALL YEAR long!    Do we only get Mammograms and PAP smears one month of the year?    Do we ignore blatant symptoms that make us uncomfortable 11 months a year because it doesn’t feel right and we are not ready to overcome our embarrassment?
To be healthy and knowledgeable is empowering to all of us.  I’d rather be embarrassed and healthy than comfortable and sick ~ (is there such a thing?)  ~It’s like going tanning to look healthy as we suffer from skin cancer! ~

That’s it for now !  Salut mes amis!

Better be a Little “S” than a Little Less  J

Friday, 2 December 2011

About Learning Other Languages:

I have always been intrigued by the different languages of the world.  When I was in school, one of my dreams was to become an interpreter for the UN.

So I started with English, which came easy for me because my dad was already bilingual and we had so much exposure to songs and TV shows from the USA that it was hard to miss . I also took a couple of years of latin; no, not too useful for everyday use, however, very rewarding when we play Trivial Pursuit because the root of so many words come from there that I got to rock at it BIG time! 
J  Spanish was a good follow through and I had a great time with that one!  …. Then came German…. mmmmmmmmmm – not so much fun.  We all spent so much time laughing at me speaking German with a Spanish accent, that we wasted a lot of time– I’m actually surprised they did not kick me out of the class!
Now my sister and I are teaching each other Russian words ~ not that we know how to pronounce them but at least we can spell them! ~  Very rudimentary but still a lot of fun.

In the last year though, I have encountered another dialect which I cannot make heads or tails of… here is an example of a conversation I heard:

- “I’m ready to go,” he said, patting his camera.  “I got the new D3 with the 200-400 f.4 VR  AF-S.  Good ISO up to 6400, I can go to 12800 if I have to, but there’ll be some noise.  Twelve megapixels so we get plenty of resolution.  With this baby, you can really reach out and touch somebody.”
-“That’s great,” she replied.
-“… and I’ve been out shooting a little wildlife, to familiarize myself with the whole system.  The white balance and auto-focus is as good as I’ve seen.  I tested it against a 1DsIII  and the D3 is better.”
?????????  Quis est is?  Was ist los?,  Qu’est-ce-que c’est?, No comprende ????????
I’m afraid I need an interpreter for that one , or…. maybe it’s a secret code that I’m not meant  to make sense of…  What do you think?

Hasta la vista!
Auf Widersehen! 
Do Svidanja !

Signing off – don’t forget  to  Point and Click!
Better be a Little "S" than a Little Less!  J