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Friday, 2 December 2011

About Learning Other Languages:

I have always been intrigued by the different languages of the world.  When I was in school, one of my dreams was to become an interpreter for the UN.

So I started with English, which came easy for me because my dad was already bilingual and we had so much exposure to songs and TV shows from the USA that it was hard to miss . I also took a couple of years of latin; no, not too useful for everyday use, however, very rewarding when we play Trivial Pursuit because the root of so many words come from there that I got to rock at it BIG time! 
J  Spanish was a good follow through and I had a great time with that one!  …. Then came German…. mmmmmmmmmm – not so much fun.  We all spent so much time laughing at me speaking German with a Spanish accent, that we wasted a lot of time– I’m actually surprised they did not kick me out of the class!
Now my sister and I are teaching each other Russian words ~ not that we know how to pronounce them but at least we can spell them! ~  Very rudimentary but still a lot of fun.

In the last year though, I have encountered another dialect which I cannot make heads or tails of… here is an example of a conversation I heard:

- “I’m ready to go,” he said, patting his camera.  “I got the new D3 with the 200-400 f.4 VR  AF-S.  Good ISO up to 6400, I can go to 12800 if I have to, but there’ll be some noise.  Twelve megapixels so we get plenty of resolution.  With this baby, you can really reach out and touch somebody.”
-“That’s great,” she replied.
-“… and I’ve been out shooting a little wildlife, to familiarize myself with the whole system.  The white balance and auto-focus is as good as I’ve seen.  I tested it against a 1DsIII  and the D3 is better.”
?????????  Quis est is?  Was ist los?,  Qu’est-ce-que c’est?, No comprende ????????
I’m afraid I need an interpreter for that one , or…. maybe it’s a secret code that I’m not meant  to make sense of…  What do you think?

Hasta la vista!
Auf Widersehen! 
Do Svidanja !

Signing off – don’t forget  to  Point and Click!
Better be a Little "S" than a Little Less!  J


  1. lol... ive got a camera and I barely understand it :P... time to hit the books!

  2. I speak camera better then russian for sure!!!


  3. I have problem posting comments from my home machine; I've been trying since yesterday afternoon. It works better from work!
    Maybe you should talk to Eric about this; he wrote something along the same lines not so long ago! ;)
    And yes, there is some noise at an ISO of 12800 unless you've configure the noise compensation for high ISO! I start getting noise at 1600 even with the compensation on! ;)

  4. You should also speak to your sister about speaking Zabeteese! You know FLUFLU, GUGU, etc.! We could all learn from that! ;)

  5. G - do you know the song: "The Eye of the Tiger"? i want to congratulate you! you did it! yesterday an eye, today a tiger.... tomorrow???