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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

About self-defense!

Did you know that there are plants out there that "close up" as soon as you touch them?  
 WOW!  Why can't i act that way?

I have recently started a "Boundaries" class and am learning so much about myself - all things that i should have known all along and wish i had learned in school.  "Elementary my dear Little S!" 
 Oh well... better late than never! 

I was always trying to be a good little girl, an exemplary daughter, the best sister, an honors' student, a model wife and the perfect employee... Guess what?  I am now a wreck because i never learned to say NO and gave of myself until it really hurt me.

Now with  baby steps, i am discovering the world of boundaries that protect me, the fences that shield me from harm and the ability to state my feelings without feeling guilty every time. It feels so delivering!

So, if you see a person clanking around walking on the street in a full metallic body armor, that'll be me.  As i get to know me better and you show no threat, i should be able to shed some of those shields when i trust i won't get hurt.  Hey,  just keeping myself safe!  So watch out and be patient with me - my armor will disappear when i feel secure.

Hey - could be worse!  Porcupines and skunks don’t protect themselves in such a friendly manner!

Signing off -  Salut for now! clink clank clink clank!

Better be a Little "S" than a Little Less!  :-)


  1. Glad to see you back here!
    It must be hard to do your jogging with that armor! ;) At least it will help your neighbours wake-up without a alarm clock! ;)
    Take your time; we're patient!


  2. super contente de te relire ma soeur!
    Avec une grosse armure comme ça, tu vas avoir plein de beaux muscles à montrer lorsque tu vas l'enlever! wooohooo!
    Zabeth xxx

  3. Thanks you guys, you mean so much to me; i wish you were my brother and sister.... Eh! wait a minute, YOU ARE!!! :-) xxxxx