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Thursday, 18 August 2011

About living purposefully…

I remember being a teenager and my dad querying me on something I had done:   “Are you stupid or did you do that on purpose?”     Well, what kind of a question is that?  To me, there has to be a couple more options than those two , don’t you think?
But really, why should there be?   I can just imagine what Dad would have I said if I replied with the following:
·         “I plead the Fifth Amendment!”; 
·         “I will not say anything without my lawyer present” ;
·         “It’s none of your business!”  (got a whack for that one!)
·         “That’s for me to know and for you to find out! “ (another whack!)
So instead of exploring this black hole of my daddy’s disappointment in me, I decided to live on purpose. Yes, that means that I am willing to admit having done a stupid thing because I will know I did it on purpose and there was some reasoning on my part even if the other party does not agree!  
·          “I don’t know”  will no longer be an excuse;
·          Neither will “Because….”;
·         “I can’t make up my mind” will not keep me from living my life.
I believe that if you don’t make mistakes, it’s because you have not tried hard enough;
I am a believer of “Go Big or Go Home!” - 
Don’t be a shadow on this planet!!!  You  too can shine!
Let’s make a difference.
Hasta la vista:
Signing off:
Better be a Little “S” than a  Little Less  J


  1. yeah! Go big or go home, I like it!

  2. As the Fortune Cookie said : "The mistakes you make today shape the person you will be tomorow!"
    We're the sum of all our mistakes!!!!! ;)