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Monday, 19 December 2011

About Therapy...

This morning I started my "blue" light therapy which is supposed to get me through the winter blues. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is the name the specialists have chosen for a life-event that  occurs at the same time each year, to otherwise mentally healthy individual (please, no comments from the peanut gallery) , and causes depressive symptoms. In my case it is because of the decrease in periods of sunshine I experience daily.  I miss it so much, my neurotransmitters go on strike!  So i'm hoping that a daily 30 minutes session of basking in blue light (blue summer sky) will re-energize me enough to keep away the grumps in these grey months.  We shall see.

I was also reading about "red" light therapy, which is supposed to stimulate collagen and elastin production thus reducing and even reversing the effects of aging on our skin.  WOW!  The Fountain of Youth finally at our fingertips! I really want some of that too but it's probably too late to write to Big "S" about it now. 

Now what I need to find is some sort of "green" light therapy I can put into action on my lawn.  I'm thinking it could use some type of treatment where the green color would stay all summer long, without the need to water it or even more IMPORTANT, without growing so I won't have to cut it!!! 

Now,  it’s not that I am lazy or anything BUT, I am trying to maximize my days by doing only important actions that can only be done through my unique genius mind!  Imagine if I did every little chore that comes to mind, I would never have enough time for the crucial and essential things which must be done such as picking up dog hair and blogging.

I'm so excited about my idea... Sorry, must run now. Gotta go retrieve my old green Christmas lightbulbs I just put in recycling. Can't blame me for trying- that would be the greatest invention since... well ... moldy sliced bread!

That's it for now! Salut!

Better  be a Little "S" than a Little Less J


  1. I wonder if all the red you have in your life is already red therapy:) It's a more natural form of red therapy, I'd say. At least, I get red therapy when I'm with you and when I read your blog (can't get much redder blog stationary). Maybe that's why I like being with you so much:)

  2. Well thank you Marilyn :) i've been told it's kind of an obsession with me but i love it so much, i can't stay away from it! Merci buckets for your comment and your assiduity for following me even when i'm not reliable. Cheers and have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. With a blue therapy on a red "you", you're going to be "mauve"!
    For your lawn, Photoshop does a great job! ;)

  4. G: i can deal with mauve grass.... but will Photoshop keep it short? That IS the question!xxxxx

  5. If you take your picture when it's short, it stays short onless you select it and use the grow option! ;)

  6. ahhhhhhhhhhhh! now i get it :)))