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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

P is for: Mind your P’s and Q’s – Part 1

The above is a versatile expression that can mean quite a few things; here goes, from good old Wikipedia (what in the world did we do before Wikipedia???)
·        One source of "mind your Ps and Qs" comes from  early printing presses . Printers placed  individual letters on a frame to print a page of text. Those two letters were reversed, making it easy to mistake lowercase ps and qs in setting the type.
               Ok, p and q are mirror image letters,  aren’t they?  
                   Allright, i get it!
  •      Another origin comes from English pubs and taverns of the seventeenth century. Bartenders would keep a watch on the alcohol consumption of the patrons; keeping an eye on the Pints and Quarts that were consumed. As a reminder to the patrons, the bartender would recommend they "mind their Ps and Qs".
Isn’t that the best?  I love learning about origins of expressions!  But, that’s not it!!

·       The one I  like best is about minding your manners!!  P’s rhymes with “Please” and Q’s rhymes with “Thank you’s”. and apparently, it has been an effective way of reminding children about Please and Thank you's!  Whatever it takes, it’s worth it, I say !   

I still remember to this day, from 34 years ago, waking up my 2 year-old little man at 10pm before I went to bed, to take him “potty” so the night would be dry.   He followed me, did his thing, and as I tucked him back in to his warm blankies, he burped!  So, the great mom that I am, I said… “What do you say?”  and he answered:  “Thank you”.   I am still laughing to this day of how silly I had been  and how wonderful he was and still is. 

Signing off for tonight and working on tomorrow’s Part 2!

Better Be a Little “S” than a Little Less !


  1. This is a terrific post! Very interesting, indeed. I just wrote a post on publishing. Pop over and take a look. I'm the author of the Bella and Britt series for kids.

    So nice to visit you!

    1. Thank you Nancy - i will certainly go and visit you. Cheers, Sylvie

  2. If there was a vote, I would choose the printing press explanation! But maybe, after their job was done, the printers would go to the local pub for a few P's & Q's, always politely saying please and thank you!
    T for this post, P do it again!

    1. MB my dear brother, Mercy Buckets! You are so clever - i love claiming you as one of my own family!
      bizoux Sylvie

  3. I love learning new stuff everyday thanks to you!

    Can't wait for part 2!


    1. It is so much fun, I agree with you. There is no way i will be able to wait until April 2013 to do a challenge like this. Maybe we should start a whole new one every couple of months! What do you think? xxxxx thank you Sis-Wa

  4. haha i can't believe i agree with the comment above---sorry for being noisy