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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Q is for: Mind your P’s and Q’s – Part Deux


OK!  Yesterday we talked about P’s and Q’s therefore today, we will talk about Q’s and P’s!!!      

Here is some more info on quarts and pints I found online: 
Read more:

You must remember one thing.
A quart is one fourth of a gallon and is double of a pint.
Thus 2 pints =1 quart

However, when it comes to pint, the imperial (British) pint
is more than the US pint.  This is because an imperial pint contains 20 fluid ounces while a US pint contains only 16 fluid ounces.  So if you are a British sitting in a US pub, do not be surprised by the size of a pint of beer as it would be less than what you get in your country.

Also remember the the imperial pint is 20% more than the US pint.  A quart is one fourth of a gallon, whether you are in UK or US.  The difference in volume may be there, but the relation between a quart and pint remains the same in both countries which is that a quart is double in volume to a pint.

Now that I know more about this subject than I ever intended to, I come to a conclusion:  I really want to be a Canadian sitting in a British pub but I am totally flummoxed because I would now have to convert the whole caboodle into litres and if I consume even one pint, I won't be able to count anymore!  I'll stick to good old H2O I think !  
I also surmise that if I follow the above calculation, 2 Please equal 1 Thank You and they would be just a little more effused in Britain than in the US.  Always remember that no matter where you vacation, one P is never enough because half of a Q is not adequate for any instance I can think of.  A full Q is the minimum required (or 2 P's) and I guess the more P's you make use of, the Q's just keep following until no one knows who started this politeness fest nor what it is about anyhow!  

Signing off before I lose my mind again and have to ask for help from the local mental people... I could certainly tell them a story that would earn me a long vacation there!  I wonder if they could help me with my "R" blog?

Better Be a Little "S" than a Little Less!!!    
Au Revoir??  See you tomoRRow??


  1. If the people in that local mental facility of yours want to test your IQ, you might as well tell them to check your IP and multiply it by 2!!! ;)

  2. Absolutely - You got it! Been there before, have you? It's like the farmer who needs to know how many cows he has in his field.... he counts the legs and divides by 4!! :)

    xxxxxx S

  3. LOL!! You crazy people!

    Thank you Sis for all that calculation, but I don't drink beer it's much simpler! xxxx

    1. Beers are not just there for drinking, they can also be used for counting! Don't you remember the song "One hundred Quarts and Pints on the wall ...."? Or was it bottles? ;)

    2. LOL!
      Math and beer don't mix well!
      You know the slogan : "Don't drink and count!" ;)

    3. Don't count on it!!! ;)

    4. Too much thinking gives me a headache... Too much drinking beer can do the same thing, i'm told! I'm with you there; i am not a beer drinker! I drink non-alcoholic beer with clamato juice in the summer. That really quenches my thirst and i can still count after many pints, quarts, gallons, etc. What is so time consuming and hard to keep track of then is how many times i've got to visit the loo!

      Yikes! S

  4. The bottles of beer I have in the refrigerator are all 12 ounces whatever that has to do with anything, but now I want one.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

    1. Go ahead Lee, fill your boots! (or your mug!)
      After all, that's only 3/4 of a US pint or 3/5 of a British pint, a mere sip! Chug-A-Lug! Thank you for dropping by :) Sylvie