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Saturday, 21 January 2012

“ Hurray! It’s raining!”

I  CAN’T believe I am saying this, that I actually wrote it down: Please don’t quote me, I’ll plead the 5th!  Let’s get this straight:  You know I’m ready to be incarcerated when I come up with stuff like that – I’ll deny it to the death!   Just send me to the institution super fast, without passing GO and without my $200. On second thought, maybe, yes, I’ll take the money, I need a new umbrella. J

I don’t want to hear anything more about snowplows – long johns or icicles.  I’ve had enough!  I am miserable and I can’t take it anymore! 

I feel so much better now that I’ve come out with it.  Just goes to show you how fickle we can be, up and down in our weather moods like a yo-yo.  And talking about rain is so much more entertaining anyway!   Look at all the ways that have been created to describe this water that comes out of the clouds:
·       Shower
·       Precipitation
·       Spitting
·       Downpour
·       Drizzle
·       Pelting
·       Torrent
·       Deluge

And I’m sure if I was to research a little longer, I could provide you with several more and add cute adjectives either before or after the words for variation.  But I have to share with you my very favorite:
It’s raining Cats and Dogs!!!
Peoples, I can so picture that in my head, how much fun it would be for me to watch and how confusing it would be for the poor animals!!!  We’ve been told that cats always land on their feet but what about the dogs? Is it really true?  And how would  the hairy beasts  feel about this?   Energized or ecstatic?  Excited or exhilarated ? ~as you can see, I am practicing my “E” words today.  J

In my dreams, yes, absolutely… in real life?  Maybe not!   More like “Freaking out”, ‘Frightened”,  “Frustrated”, “Frazzled”, “Fearful” and a-“Fraid” ~not bad at F words that are not offensive, either. J

Anyhow, it put me in a mellow mood, for a few moments.  I think there is a reason why this does not happen in reality.  Remember the smell of wet fur?   Not something I want to experience in the near future, that’s for sure, and I’m pretty certain that you would not neither.

Signing off to locate a clothes peg to plug my nose, just in case!

Better be a Little "S" than a Little Less!  J


  1. Maybe it already rained Cats and Dogs; you just can't smell it!!!!!

  2. oh my goodness.... i never thought of THAT! Who nose? What time does Costco(TM) open this morning? i need to get an industrial size container of Fabreeze(TM)to refresh the air we breathe in my town because of my dream!!!!!!!!!! oh... what a nightmare!

    1. ... Who nose ?
      Very funny!!!!

    2. Dear G: well of course i'm funny! i have the *best* teacher: my brother (who happens to be my favorite brother-by the way) .
      "Qui vivra, rira!" "Qué sera, puera!"