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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Countdown to Christmas has started

Do you realize that one month ago, we were in the midst of celebrating Christmas ,  surrounded with yummy food, wonderful presents, inspiring music, and of course, the best company?  Time flies, doesn’t it?

 Well, I say it’s never too early to begin planning so I will start a tradition that I should have started years ago when I first met my wonderful friend K.  You see, K is the QUEEN of lists.  One year, when I was visiting her in October,  she showed me her  list of the day- to -day things she now had to get going on,  ~ starting at Thanksgiving ~ all the way to Christmas morning,  so everything that she wanted to accomplish would be done on time.   I stood there with my mouth open and my chin on the floor, thinking that was the craziest thing I had ever seen or heard.  However, over the years, I have noticed that her Christmas cards always get to me on time ~ my friends are lucky to get mine by Valentine’s Day!  ~ K is never caught by surprise.  She never has to run to the mall on December 24, all is bought and wrapped by mid November!  .She knows the Post Office schedule for out of town, out of country and even email!  Her house is always Spic & Span when guests arrive and the kitchen smells heavenly ~ unlike the burnt smell in mine ~ because she started cooking on time and will actually serve dinner on time, and if the entire staff of the fire station is there, it’s because they have been invited, not because they were 9-1-1’d .  Wow!  What a concept.  I promise you K, I’m really trying to wrap my head around all this, you are teaching me a lot of good stuff, not just bad habits  J

So I have decided to inject some of her wisdom into my life and have decided that Christmas 2012 will be my most organized ever!  Hence, my Christmas decorations are already up J.   My Christmas cards will be sent in February as usual, however, they will be for NEXT Christmas and I won’t explain the delay this year– everyone will just think I am super organized. Also, instead of spending 2-3 days composing my Christmas message at the last minute, I will just journal a line about my life every day,  then, in early December, I will scan my journal for the year and email it to everyone!  What a time saver! Aren’t you impressed?

I think I will start planning my turkey in October sometime; the only problem with that is that it probably be all eaten by December 25 and I will have to cook another one – I can put that in the plan as well.  Gotta have a plan B!

I had promised I would not make myself any resolutions for 2012.  You know what happens:  seems that as soon as the good intention makes itself known and you’ve actually written it down and/or told someone about it, something goes awry and it doesn’t happen!  I wouldn’t call it a curse, or bad luck; just plain over-enthusiastic planning that is not practical.  So I won’t do it!  This is a new me J   Little Practical “S”.

My sister is always telling me of what she’s got in the works around her house and I’m exhausted just listening to her great plans; but I’m really busy these days and I don’t have time to waste on housework or remedoling.  I’m cleaning up my life! And it’s exciting!  The new me has a little more dust on the furniture but a little less in her head.  Maybe a little more junk on the floor but a spring in her steps.  Feels awesome, I tell you!

I may not become #1 in everything I attempt however, if I move from minus 9 to minus 5, that will be a great accomplishment… Baby steps, a day at a time, I’m gonna win that race, I promise.

Ebay ellway ntiluay omorrowtay  - otchagay!   
G: teach me the French version, will you?  xxxxxx

Salut to my cheerleading team – I love you to bits!

Better be a Little "S" than a Little Less!  J


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    1. If I read correctly, you're making a resolution not to make resolutions or is it the other way around?

      With your recent experience cooking a turkey, you could cook one each month until Christmas and you would be sure to have one (minimum) on Christmas day!

      I don't know if there is something exactly like your Pig Latin in french but there is something called Verlan wich looks similar to me.
      Here are the links (french and english) on Wikipedia :

      I don't really know anything about it but you could ask Valérie, she might be able to tell you more.

  2. hanktay ouyay eryvay uchmay.

    will look at the Verlan stuff - Merci.

    xxx No resolution on resolutions, Little Practical S