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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The aftermath…

Now the work is done, turkey is deboned, sorted out, portioned out and back in the freezer in individual serving size portions.  The dishes are done, the pots and pans all put away and my kitchen once more resembles the efficient work area I like to pretend it is.  I transferred all the bones (for Mrs. Jones ‘cause she don’t eat no meat!) and the juices from the roasting pan into the crockpot which has done its job overnight. Am now ready to strain the broth, add carrots, celery, green onions, bay leaves and some wild rice for some more simmering.   A queen’s repast will be ready for my supper tonight.

You know, when they say a vacation starts from the moment you start to plan it… well, I can say the same for my turkey project.  The fun started early:  I came up with the idea, made a list of what I needed and went shopping;   also had to set up a time schedule, have a minute-by-minute organization chart to make sure that: 
1.  I followed the instructions in the right order,
2.  I was not skipping any crucial steps;
3.  I was going to be on time for supper and not tomorrow’s breakfast.

And it worked!  Eating it was not the only memorable moment!   I chose to use someone’s else’s wisdom and experience by following their recipe; I took a chance and changed a few of the rules to adapt to my unique circumstances and I got the result I worked so hard for:   Delicious ready meat for easy prep of meals during the first weeks of my new job; soup at my fingertips for those rainy days where it’s the only thing that will cure your ills and a wonderful satisfaction of a job well done.

There is also a reason why I 'm patting myself on the back.  Wanna know?   My secret ingredient is:   LOVE !!!  The  food tastes great and it’s really not because of the brand of meat I chose or the exceptional recipe book I used.  It’s because there is so much love in there, it should be illegal!   I’m sure I’m way over in the recommended allocation for daily ♥♥♥ requirement  , however,  I’m brave, and I’ll try to survive with this over-abundance and hope no one who eats at my house overdoses.  I guess there could be worse consequences…

Salut for now and I leave you with an idea for my next project:  igpay atinlay…. We’re going to learn Pig Latin!!!

Oink Oink

Better be a Little "S" than a Little Less!  J


  1. About LOVE, we try to put some in all our recipes; as you say, eating the meal is not the only enjoyable part of the process!

    About your Latin Pig :
    Can you eat it?
    Do you have to brine it?
    Is it big?
    I can't wait to get this new recipe of yours!!!!

    1. Yeah! Love, ain't it grand? It also helps when you use the wait times to their fullest! Down times don't have to be boring! ;) pig latin? I don't think you'd want to brine it- i think you get to cha-cha with it!

    2. And what about Salsa? Isn't that latin too? ;)

  2. LOL G!

    Thanks for the inspiration Little Big Sis! ;)

  3. Zab: it's nice to be able to pay you back !

  4. G: you're getting there! Close but no cigars! Salsa is for when we learn how to prepare achosnay randegay💃💃💃

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sorry! I thought it was a atinlay anceday!!! ;)

    3. it is, it is!!! However, salsa goes so well with nachos, sour cream and guacamole that i hate to appropriate it for my blog, know what i mean?

  5. Warning: don't try to be cute and add little pictures; it doesn't work :(