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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I Ate A Bug!

This morning, I was walking the dogs, singing away, ( no, it was not raining)  and a bug flew right into my mouth!   I choked and gasped and scared my poor puppies to death!   A passerby stopped to ask me if I needed help and I was really hoping I was not going to upchuck that poor bug right in front of him!   Poor guy, watching someone vomit so early in the morning is NOT conducive to a great start of the day when you haven’t even had your breakfast yet.  I eventually recovered and we finished our walk  without further ado.
Now, I can’t say for sure that it was better when the bug flew in my eye last week..  That time I rubbed my eye lots to dislodge the unwanted guest but at least I refrained from puking.   I swear, people would rather see you cry  than throw up – Go figure!      So,  why am I talking about this today?  Why does it seem important?  Well, I’ll tell you my reasoning!
A lot of little things get in our way, on a daily basis.  It’s not always bugs!  And mostly, it’s not  major:  Sometimes we misplace our keys, or forget the grocery list at home and only remember when we’re already at the store and the cat won’t answer the phone to read it back to you.   Sometimes it’s a rude driver who passes us on the way to work and other times it’s finding out that there is no more milk in the fridge for your coffee and you really needed your fix and cannot drink it black.   Wah!
I really need to give my head a shake once in a while and really prioritize what I should consider “end of the world events”:
·         The dogs played Nascar in the hall again and knocked over a plant:  NO
·         The dogs escaped from the yard and just about got run over by the car,  YES
·         The grass in the backyard is so tall, I can hardly see my patio furniture:  NO
·         The grass in the backyard is so tall, someone could be hiding in there and attack me if I walk by:  YES
·         I burned the toast:   NO
·         I burned down the house:  YES
·         I swallowed a bug:  NO
·         A bug swallowed me:  YES YES YES
Know what I mean, Jean?  It’s all a matter of perception however,  I must learn to not be so excitable when there is no reason to.    My dad would say:  “Will you remember that the day you get married?”…  I am still pondering on that!   The moral of the story is to keep my mouth closed when I walk the dogs  J
Just these wise words, I hope, to help me keep things in check, and to make sure that if I’m going to give myself a heart attack, it will be worth it!
Having said my piece, I now say SALUT!

Signing off:

Better be a Little “S” than a  Little Less  J


  1. LOL! Vraiment bon et très vrai! Moi aussi je vais essayer de garder ma perspective!

  2. Eating bugs is good for you as long as it permits you to meet people and get a new perspective on life!
    For my part, if you remember, I swallowed a fly just because I had found it dead, asked what I should do with it and Mom (jokingly I presume!) told me to eat it! I did (I was very obedient at 6 years old)! I remember that I did it immediately before she would change her mind, who knows the real taste of a dead fly!
    I don't remember Mom's face after the fact but it must have been worth it!

    At that time, it didn't change my view of life but I didn't do it again ever after!
    Maybe I should try with a living one like you did!!!!!