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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Smelly things (no, no, not Smelly Cat!)

I have to admit, I am kind of blessed in that way.   I had a concussion a few years back and it robbed me of my sense of smell.   So when my dogs are wet and stinky, I remember how it smells but it does not bother me.  HOWEVER, I am aware that other “smelling” people might come to my house and it will be important to them that my house not be foul smelling.   First impressions are EVERYTHING.

How do I deal with that?   Well, I Fabreeze everything to death.  I keep the “wet” dogs in the basement until they are dry. The cat litter box?  it gets cleaned daily - i'm not taking a chance!   Of course, I wear deodorant and NEVER wear perfume, just in case it’s too much and I can’t tell it is. I air out the house every chance i get and have enlisted good friends to come and "sniff" us out often and make sure we're doing ok.  
I do promise  I would never resort to singing “Smelly Cats” as our Friend Phoebe does, however, I will always ask for forgiveness if the fragrance here is not what you expected.

It was awful when I found out of the loss of this sense – well, almost 100% awful, not quite.   I found out I could not smell in the spring, when farmers are spreading manure on their fields.  No, I can’t smell the bad stuff.  But I remember the smell of fresh cut grass… and long for it… Clothes washed in Ivory Snow – tiny baby smell that makes you want to melt…
Good things?  I can now eat seafood because I could not stand the smell of it before;   I can now volunteer at a homeless shelter because the aroma won't get to me… that does not sound like a curse to me.

Arrivederci my friends and Salut!

Better be a Little “S” than a  Little Less  J

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  1. That's the spirit! Bravo pour ta belle attitude! xxx