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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Voice Lesson

Had my second voice lesson yesterday…. Very interesting…  Only 2 of us showed up for the group lesson so we each got a lot more attention than we normally would have.

We’ve been learning to breathe right (and often) and to “O” and “A” and “OO” along.  We are doing scales in staccato and legato – don’t I feel smart today!    J
It’s fascinating to understand the mechanics of it all.  The movement of air between lungs, sternum, throat, upper palate, jaw….  Totally amazing – For something done so naturally, it is quite the process.

Of course, we have homework:  15-20 minutes a day, we are to practice our scales and breathing.  My dogs love that time of day,   As soon as I start singing, Nicky starts howling and Bella follows suit… and then I get the giggles and so much for the homework.  I have to send them outside while I sing or else, I don’t get anything done!   I’ve heard of all kinds of excuses for not doing homework…. But I think this is a great one.  I’ve been able to make a video of it to show our teacher – it is hilarious!

So, I am no Céline Dion by any means (yet – anyhow) however am quite pleased at myself for persevering in accomplishing my dreams…. And cross something else off my Bucket List.

Well , as they would say in Russia, da svidaniya ,   and of course, Salut !

Signing off:

Better be a Little “S” than a  Little Less  J

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  1. Génial! Ça te fait des leçons presque privées! J'ai hâte de voir le vidéo! xxx