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Friday, 17 February 2012

Yes, I’m still alive and kicking!

I have to apologize, my friends, for my absence for the last 2 weeks.  My excuses:  I’ve been sick, I started a new job, and I finally talked myself into un-decorating my Christmas trees (yes, I had 15 of them! No, I’m not kidding!).  I could also blame the dogs but I won’t stoop that low; they didn’t care either way!

You know, when Valentines Day came around and my sister suggested I add cupids to the Christmas ornaments … I realized I was procrastinating.  Mind you, it’s still all in the red color scheme so nothing clashed;  But I finally did it!   J  It was really tough but now it’s done…Well, someone had to do it and the animals refused to get involved!  Thankless hairy beasts!

So now my place looks all naked, and will look like this for another 10 months unless I go crazy for Easter or Canada Day ~ or both;  Naaa; I think I’ll wait for Thanksgiving and get started again. 

So Hello dust bunnies, welcome back, there's lots of room to roam! No, dog hair won’t be for another few months… you've got the floor!   It might just be fun to have a regular house to clean, no acrobatics around the Christmas trees with the vacuum cleaner and the dust buster!  Anyone tried those robot vacuum thingies ?  Freedom!  Yesssssss!  Company for the cat!

So now, I’m ready for my next adventure:  converting my office to a home gym!    I know we’ll have lots to chat about on that subject.

Salut to my buddies who were patient about my absence; my sister got her own blog now, she inspired me to blog all over again now that I’m back to normal ~whatever normal is around here.   She is enlightening us on the Joys of Cooking Low Carb stuff… I know I will stick to the vicissitudes of life in my writings; I’m good at following recipes, not creating them!   Now if we could get our brother to start blogging as well, that would be 3 for 3!  J  

Here Wii come!!! 

Better be a Little "S" than a Little Less!  J


  1. Congratulations on the longest holiday season! You win!

    And I am happy to inspire you since you inspire me too!!

    Looking foward to see pictures of your new gym!

    And I agree that it would be nice to read a blog from our funny brother!

  2. Your funny brother is busy with is own life and still find time to look at both of your blogs! I find them both very humorous (I didn't want to use funny again (woups!)!).
    As you know, for now, I do my things on Flickr, my main interest (beside my family, my job and my readings) is photography!
    The new culinary blog of our younger sister is very well done and mix humorously together her appetite for food, photography and writing. I might do something similar some day but for now, I think i'll stick to Flickr!
    That being said, lets get back to our main subject wich is "Dust Bunnies"!
    Are those dust bunnies part of your decorative setup for Easter even if you deny any decorative intent for that occasion?
    What do dust bunnies eat to become dust elephants like the ones you told us about in a previous blog?
    I'll also be waiting for your posts on your gym expérience!!!

    1. How did you guess? I saw an Easter tree last week at the store and just rolled my eyes!! There is no way i'm going to fall into temptation of decorating in the cutesy pastel colors usually associated with this holiday. But dust bunnies are always plentiful around here; just like regular bunnies, they multiply just looking at them sideways! And they are so real and organic... I think they are under-valued by the same society who rushes to adopt every kind of "back to nature" causes possible. Well how much more natural can you get? And universal too! They affect rich and poor, black and white people, short and tall, strong and weak! Equal opportunity dust bunnies i say! So, i'm doing my own ethical Easter decorating and saving dust bunnies from extinction at the same time! Aren't you proud of me?
      As to how you grow them into dust elephants, you'll have to wait for a future blog entry! Patience my young apprentice!!

  3. Guy: LOL with the Easter dust bunnies! Hilarious!