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Monday, 20 February 2012

OK, call me old-fashioned!

Now, Peanut Gallery, please note I did not say call me old!!! 

I’m saying I'm old-fashioned because I have to admit that I like to wear a slip with some of my dresses.  No, Peoples in the Peanut Gallery, slip is not a bad word!  This new generation of young ladies and women out there don’t seem to agree with me on the “like” part of this because 99% of the time, when I see someone who should be wearing one, they aint!

Even going to Sears to buy one recently, I practically had to spell it for the young clerk;  she had no idea what I was talking about!   I do realize that I have a French accent but how could I massacre the word S L I P so badly that she had to ask me 3 times to explain?  Well, apparently I did:  it was either a new word for her or my accent has gotten worse because it took us a while to agree on what it was I was looking for.  By the way, if there are any guys reading this, you might think this is too much information; however, there is a point to this:  Be patient J

To shorten this story a bit, I eventually left the store with the garment in question, happy with my purchase.   Today, I wore it for the first time, thinking it would also help to keep me warm!  Mind you, longjohns are better suited  for that purpose but not as cute, especially when I’ve only been working at my new place for 2 weeks and they might not appreciate my sense of humor! J

My dilemma occurred when a co-worker whispered  to me that my slip was showing,  like it was a state secret!  Wikileaks, here we go!  

Well;  I figured out that I had bought a slip one size too big and it was hanging a bit lower than it should have, causing a bit of lace to show below the hem of my dress.  So I spent the rest of my day in a daze, totally  self-conscious of that faux-pas and wishing I was wearing a turtleneck so I could hike the slip up to my neck and stop worrying about it. 

As I hereby reminisce, I long for the old days ~ ♪♪♪nostalgic music and violins ♪♪♪, when there was always someone around to let me know these things BEFORE I left for work.   My son would check me as we walked out the door:   “ Mom, your slip is showing” or,  just as I am parking the car for the early church service.. : “Mom, did you know you still have a curler in your hair?”  Yikes, that kid has been a life-saver to me, more than a few times.  “Mom, you have a red shoe and a black shoe” – that one I knew about and was doing it on purpose to match my red and black gingham scarf.   Ahah!  Poor kid, no wonder he moved out!  Who wants to be seen with the crazy lady who just happens to be your mother?

 So now that my son “The Inspector” has grown up and moved away,  I’m left in company of one cat and two dogs  and I’m hooped because they don’t care a bit what I look like when I leave in the morning.  So, every day,  I set myself up for a possible adventure since I don’t have a full-length mirror.  Maybe I’ll put that on my Christmas list for Big “S”.   To solve the problem until then,  I guess I will now only shop for dresses and skirts that are lined so that way, I won’t have to worry about slipping slips any more.

I then leave you with a big Salut to the new generation of women out there; remember, slip is not a word that can only be mentioned in the same sentence as banana peels, it is also something you wear when you want to catch people’s attention, even if you initially wore it to be inconspicuous!

Better be a Little "S" than a Little Less!  J


  1. Is that slip of yours some kind of "jupon"?

  2. La femme porte quelquefois
    La culotte dans son ménage
    Le fait est constaté je crois
    Dans les liens du mariage
    Mais quand elle va pédalant
    En culotte comme un zouave
    La chose me semble plus grave
    Et je me dis en la voyant

    Frou frou, frou frou
    Par son jupon la femme
    Frou frou, frou frou
    De l'homme trouble l'âme
    Frou frou, frou frou
    Certainement la femme
    Séduit surtout par son gentil frou frou

    La femme ayant l'air d'un garçon
    Ne fut jamais très attrayante
    C'est le frou frou de son jupon
    Qui la rend surtout excitante
    Lorsque l'homme entend ce frou frou
    C'est étonnant tout ce qu'il ose
    Soudain il voit la vie en rose
    Il s'électrise, il devient fou


    En culotte me direz-vous
    On est bien mieux à bicyclette
    Mais moi je dis que sans frou frou
    Une femme n'est pas complète
    Lorsqu'on la voit se retrousser
    Son cotillon vous ensorcelle...
    Son Frou frou
    C'est comme un bruit d'aile
    Qui passe et vient vous caresser !